1) Cleaning

1.Turn off the power switch first before washing the car and high-pressure washing is not suggested

2.Do not point the sprayer to dash board,chargering receptacle,controller and other circuit elements
3.Do not use any volatile, corrosive and other harsh solvents to scrub the vehicle ,in case sunroof and car body have paint-peeling-off and color-fading
4.Do not put the car into the grage at once after washing it and should put it in a ventilary place first


2)Tire Maintenance

1.Change the tire if finding tread of it has been worn to a smooth extent
2.Check the air pressure of tire by manometer ,(the normal air pressure should be 22PSL or 34PSL )less than which the tire will be easily worn,and more than which it might be exploded (especially in summer).Repair it or change it if it leak gas.


3)Brake System

Braking shoe should be changed if it become smooth and less than 2-3mm in thickness

1.Avoid washing braking drum, in case of rust and corrosion. Remove the rust by abrasive paper if it have
2.Check whether it’s loose between braking wire and braking pull rod, if finding the braking distance’s too long(generally it’s25-30cm), Solution: shorten the distance between braking wire and braking pull rod with No.13 and No.14 wrench; shorten the distance between braking hook and braking pedal。



1.Check whether the power is in normal status before chargering,and the plug’s right connected to the receptacle,and carefully read the manual of charger。

2.Do not place the charger in random when it’s being used,in order not to inflow it


5)Battery Maintenance

battery maintenance includs  chargering, pouring battery water,cleaning, checking the proportion of batter liquid
Turn off the power switch before chargering,and keep the chargering place ventilatory   ,there’s flammable gas coming out during chargering。
Keep lever of battery liquid 10-15mm higher than that of anode plate,If not,pls pour some battery water.Hydrometer can be used to mearsure the density of electrolyte,which is 1.28g/cm2 under full power.And repairment and changement should be considered if the density is lower than 1.15g/cm2,because it shows there’s something wrong with the battery.
Pls regularly check the battery wire and the interface whether it’s loose,and whether the wire receptacle’s rusted.which can be clean out by iron brush and water
Charge the car at most one month a time,better half a month a time。


6)Driving Notice

1.Only people who have driving license can drive the car;

2.When be dragged, the car must be cut off to the battery,and speed must not be over 8km/h,otherwise it will damage the car and the Circuit Elements ;
3.Charging to a frozen battery must be forbidden,or it will cause explosion;
4.Do not Pressure-wash the car or steam-wash it ,in order not to wet or damage exposed circuit elements;
5.Start driving after completing repair, if finding some problem in checking. Or it might cause some financial or physical damage 
6.Do not park the car on slope when dragging it. Do not start, park, or backward suddenly, if you’re on slope. Or it might cause severe Injuries and Deaths