To stop the golf car,gradually 

press down on the brake pedal


(B) Brake ped

When the car has come to a stop,apply the parking

brake pedal and turn the main switch to "OFF" 


 (C) Parking brake pedal



Do not hold the golf car on incline with

the accelerator,use the brake.





Regular maintenance is required for the best performance and safe operation of your golf car



Be sure to turn off the main switch and apply the parking brake

 when you perform maintenance unless otherwise specified .

 If the owner is not familiar with machine servicing , this work should be done by

Global Thai Group Company or other qualified mechanic.































































 *  Items withioul a page number reference should be serviced by Global Thai Group Company

    Or other qualified mechanic. This manual does not contain these procedures.

    They are contained in the Service Manual. 


Battery Care



 Battery electrolyte is poisonous and dangerous , causing severe burns,etc

It contains sulfuric acid . Avoid contact with , eyes , or clothing.



EXTERNAL: Flush with water

INTERNAL: Drink  large quantities of water or milk .

Follow with milk of magnesia beaten egg ,or vegetable oil. call  physician  immediately .

EYES: Flush with water for  15 minutes  and  get prompt medical attention .Batteries  produce  explosive  gases    

             Keep sparks , flame,cigarettes, etc ,away ventilate:  when  charging or using  in enclosed  space

.            Always shield  eyes whenworking near batteries.



Six  8-volt deep cycle batteries  provide power for your electric golf car

And must be properly maintained and recharged  for maximum performance and service life.



To maintain your batteries

 1.Clean the tops of the  batteries with a solution of baking soda and  water , as necessary ,to remove corrosion


Do not allow cleaning solution to enter battery cells .

2.Check  the fluid  level "before  and after charging .


- Before charging :only add distilled water if fluid is below the top of the plates ,and then add just enough to cover plates .

- After charging : check that the fluid level is appropriately 1/4 to l/2inch above the plates and l/4to 3/8 inch below the level indicator .

                                  If the fluid level is low ,carefully add distilled water,adding distilled water after charging helps prevent boil over.


A--Battery cap


C---Maximum fluid level

D---Minimum fluid level



 Normal tap water contains minerals which are harmful

 To a battery ;therefore ,reflll only with distilled water.


3.Using a hydrometer,check the specific gravity of the battery

   Fluid in each cell against the readings on the chart below .

   Consult a leo golf cart dealer if any low readings are found,

   Or if readings vary more than one point between cells.

















Battery Charging



Read and understand the owner's .manual provided with

your golf car's battery charger before charging batteries 




Explosives hydrogen gas is produced while batters

are being charged . Only charge batteries in well ventilated

areas (a minimum of 5 air changes per hour is recommended).


To charge the batteries in your golf car , follow the instructions

contained in your battery charger's owner's manual.

The following is a summary of the charging steps

Do not attempt to recharge your golf car's batteries without

 thoroughly reading and understanding with your charger.

1.Switch functional key  

   To  "CHARGE" 

2.With ths charger properly connected and grounded

    (see charger's owner's manual ), insert

    the AC output plug into the golf car receptacle .



Use only battery chargers that are rated for use with

48 volt Leo Golf Cars . Thoroughly read and understand

 the user manual supplied with your 48 volt charger.



Do not disconnect the AC output cord from the battery

receptacle when the charger is on or an arc could occur

that may cause an explosion.

3.   The charger will turn off automatically when

      The batteries reach full charge.


4.   After the charger has turned off disconnect

       The  AC output plug from  the golf  car
       Receptacle by grasping the plug body and
       Pulling  the plug straight  out of  the receptacle.


Battery Installation



When working with batteries , do not put wrenches or

Other metal objects across the battery terminals

An arc can occur causing explosion of the battery 


1. Install the battery holddown plates as shown




 C—-Battery fitting plate



1. Connect the wire leads sho


B---To receptacle

C—To motor control unit

D—Between batteries

E---To relay



When installing batteries :

•    Carefully place  battery  cables  and
      Holddowns  making sure that cables do
      Not lay across vent caps.


 •    Always remove the negative (-) cable to
      The motor  controller  first ,and  install it last.



Do not overtighten the battery holddown nuts ,

Excessive force will damage the battery casing. 


Gear Box Oil

To check gear box oil level

1.  Place the golf car on a level surface

2.  Remove the access panel by

     Removing   the rivets in the two  lower
     Corners of the panel and pulling the
     Panel from the car.

3. Remove the oil level plug—A

4. Add  gear oil little by little until oil
     Flows from the level plug hole---- B












5. Allow excess gear oil flow out until it stops.



Do not allow foreign material

To enter the gear box.


6.Reinstall the oil level plug .



For gear oil replacement, consult a

Leo Golf Cart or other qualified mechanic.