Warrantee terms


In order to protect the interest of customers and to give customers better after sale service , please read the following carefully.
1) the content , object and period that need to be warranted
  1. the content
  Our company will be responsible to repair the parts or change the parts if the customers use product according           to the manual and in the period of warranty and the problem is due to the quality of product.

  2. the object and period
       since the date customer buy our product
  (1) If there is any problem with electric gear box we will change it freely in six month period and will be                                        responsible to repair it freely inone years.
  (2) If there is any problem with changer or controller in one year, we are responsible to change it freely. If there           is any problem with electric system, we are responsible to repair it freely in one years.
  (3) If the capacity of battery is lower than 60 % of stated capacity of battery in six months, we are responsible to                      change  it freely. 
  (4) The other parts, we offer one –year period free of charge repair.
  (5) Wear parts ,like tyre,rubber-foot surface,seat,seat back ,ratianer of wind screen and ignition key are not                              included in the range of free of change list or free of repair list. The detail list of easily broken parts are i                      n service manual.
  (7) After one years, we will charge for our after sale service.
  (8) In the period of free charge after sale service, which means in one years time, you should undertake the                              charge of posting it to us, and we’ll undertake the charge of posting it to you.


2) In the following cases, we do not provide quality warranty of our product

      (1) you do not operate our product according to the manual.
  (2) You don’t repair our product at our listed service-point.
  (3) Beyond the warranty period
  (4) You don’t use the parts that were manufactured in our company.
  (5) Without the permission of our company, you restructure the scooter.
  (6) You use the golf car beyond the maximum load capacity.
  (7) golf car is damaged due to typhoon, flood, fire , earthquake ,war and other force ,which can not be resisted             by human power.

③ The validity of warranty
The warranty will only be valid if the customer follows the following steps:
The customer must fill in the warranty card when he/she purchase our product. Domestic customers send it back to our company. Foreign customers send it back to our dealer. Dealer put the information into computer and email to our company. It will be valid when our company conform that we have receive the information.



④ the method of validity
If domestic customers find any problem, please inform our company directly. If foreign customers find any problem,



please inform dealer first. Then dealer is responsible for informing the problem to our company through email and it will valid after our company conform it.



Exluded from any LEO GOLF CAR warranty are all fuses ,light bulb, seats ,routine wear items such as the charge plug and receptacle ,brake shoes, belts, brushing ,,mats and pads, maintenance adjustments ,cosmetic deterioration ,and items which deteriorate or fail due to exposure or ordinary wear and tear .Battery charger .


Notes :


Electronic parts like controller, solenoid ,electrical Motor ,transaxle are warranted for a period of one year with respect to parts and labor against defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase .



All remaining components of the golf car not specified otherwise, except options and accessories ,are warranted for a period of two years with respect to parts and labor against defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase .